Large shark species that has bioelectric muscular tissue capable of generating an electric shock that exceed 600 volts of electricity at 1 ampere for a duration of 2 seconds. this causes muscle contractions of every living creature that is within range. The shark then dines on its unwitting victims.

PHYSICAL description Edit

Deva's are 9m long sharks, on average, with bioluminescent patches on their skin. Their average circumference being close to 5 meters.

They have a bite force of over 700 psi and their teeth are serrated.


Deva have a tendency to ignore smaller creatures and prefer to eat furies over everything else. They often travel in pairs but have been seen frequently alone. EVEN Devas will not venture into large swarms of furies.

They shock the water when attacked or agitated.

A Deva frenzy has never been reported.

They do put off a low voltage electric field which they use to navigate just as much as their eyesight, and sense of smell.