"It is often hard to tell whether a Drakan is thinking or ignoring you"--A scholar researching the Drakan race

Summery Edit

Drakans are a race created by the god of Chaos within The Rift. They worship Chaos alone and often become priests in his temples. Dragon like in appearance they don't generally fit-in with society.

Physiology Edit

Dragon-like beings that were born in The Rift by the god Chaos. They have a draconic skeleton. They create a Drakkan egg when they repoduce with any race.

Purpose Edit

They live to serve the god of chaos.

Lifespan Edit

They do not die of age. It is unknown whether Chaos is sustaining them or they have some other means to stop aging.

Civilization Edit

The Drakkans have two civilizations. One is the primary and first civilization within The Rift itself. The other is on Pantheon. There is little known about The Rift in general and even less about those that dwell within it however, the Pantheon civilization is known to consist of three major cities though only one of them is accessible to all mortals.

Known Cities Edit

Undercity: This is the capital of the Drakkan's theocracy and the only city that all mortals have the capability to enter. It known to be a large cave network, though nobody has ever found out exactly where it resides.

Skorch n' Grill: Hope you don't mind the heat if you're looking for this one. Being located at the bottom of the lava pool of a volcano makes it hard for most mortals to survive entering the city, though all are welcome to the grand festival held there every year.

Abyss: The direct opposite of Skorch n' Grill this city is located at the bottom of the sea off the west coast of the main continent. They export a lot of fish.