"I used to have a pet furie, I named him fluffy, don't know why I did that but he lived to be 15!!!." ~~ a random priest of chaos~~

Furies are large, black, blind, balls of viciousness. they are a species of eel.


Furies live in the dark, abyss-like, underground, water supplies that dot all of Pantheon. They have been known to crawl up on land to pursue targets and escape predators.


Average length 6m

Average Circumference 3m

Larger than normal forhead which contains a melon, much like that of a dolphin.

Jaw that opens up to 180 degrees.

Average bite force 625 psi

Teeth are not serated but at a whopping 10.25 centimeters.

pale black skin


They often travel in swarms and seem to attack anything that moves like a living creature but does not put off a certain sound frequency.

Do to a jaw that is constructed to not let go without being broken, even after death, a bit force of 600 psi, and a 6m powerful frame, the furies favorite tactic is to dart in with crushing force and tear off junks of the target leaving them bleeding and wounded.

Furies do seem to have a feeding frenzy behavior, which triggers when a creature that is not a Furie enters the territory of a swarm.

They have a tendency to avoid their natural predator which is a large subterranean shark known as a Deva.