"I had to be precise.  And precise I was.  Finally, my children would have a reason, a purpose, a cycle… they would have order." -- Order

Second born of the Greater Gods, Order is the direct counter-balance to Chaos and is closest in mentality to the creator. They hold all things systemic and cyclical above anything else and love to cause and watch domino-effect styled events.


Order is a rather unforgiving god, often giving strict punishments to those who defy natural laws and systems, or otherwise cause or promote chaos in the world.

Unlike the other Greater Gods, Order identifies as one gender over the other, preferring to be seen and communicated with as a female. This was not always the case, however, as prior to the events leading up to the destruction of the Southern Isles, Order predominantly identified as male.

Both the male and female identities of Order have slightly different personalities, the female persona that Order takes on being a much gentler and understanding being. She is also far more forward thinking than he was previously, a trait she picked up during the creation of the Seras.



Not much is known about how any of the Greater Gods came into being, or for how long they have existed, but it is known that they came before time or the universe itself.