Spice moss is a family of moss that absorbs certain minerals from the ground, and convert them into colorful, flavorpacked, flecks.

Colors and FlavorsEdit

Red Cinnamon

Blue Ice Cream

Orange Candy Corn

Pink Bubblegum

Green Almonds

Purple Special

Luminescent Bliss

Black Chocolate

White Spearmint

Other known usesEdit

Luminescent spice moss is a powerful pain combatant. It has magic chemicals that incite a state of pure euphoria. It can be ingested, absorbed orally, vaporized etc.

Green spice moss has High concentrations of cyanide. It can be fatal if ingested.

Purple spice moss makes for a significant pill coating due to its ability to adapt its flavor to match the taste buds of the Devourer.

Pink spice moss is a powerful aphrodisiac that overrides the natural lust sensors in the brain, and improves blood flow. It also treats erectile dysfunction in Males, and FSD in Females. Some say its even a garunteed orgasm.