"We are the Seras, living instruments of Order's will. We exist to further spread his vision across all of this poor, chaotic world." -- An unknown Seras


The Seras were created by the god of Order and were the last of the created races.


As a race with nearly indomitable will and a terrifying aura that dampens the connection of those around them to their mana, the Seras are very reserved and shunned by most other races. They have been given free-will by Order, and exist entirely separately from him outside of their death-cycle. Due to the nature of their existence and their aura's ability, they are unable to be around any of their own kind, causing one another to enter coma-like states. However, they are never truly separated from one another, as they all share a somewhat hive-mind like consciousness, formed through their shared willpower and mana pool. As such, they speak with many voices, and often refer to themselves through group pronouns such as "we", over "I" or "me". This means that any information learned by one Seras is instantly known to any others in existence, no matter where on Pantheon they are.


The Seras are human-like beings with features from many other races of the world. All of them appear as incredibly beautiful human females with massive eagle-like wings, clawed fingers similar to that of a feline, and the pointed ears of an elf.

It is unclear why it is Order made them with such uniquely combined features, but it is said that they were meant to be the most perfect species to ever exist.


As creations of the God of Order, it is assumed by all that the Seras have a distinct purpose in existence, though it is not known to any mortal. What is known is that they reside within the Temples of Order and are rarely seen outside of the chambers locked deep within the structure. It is said that their mere presence increases Order's power over an area, and diminishes that of Chaos.


As far as anyone has recorded, the Seras are entirely immortal. Not only do they never age, they seem entirely incapable of feeling pain or dying of wounds or sicknesses. However, it is theorized that they would be ended by Order herself if they were to somehow promote chaos or otherwise go against the tenants of Order.