"THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR EYES?!?!" -- The First Mortal to lay eyes on one... Probably...


The Vadarian were created by the God of Light, and second of the Created.


Created by Light himself, Vadarians are incapable of wielding weapons or tools but make up for this with incredible magical potential.


Vadarians are of average human height, they have solid black sclera with bright turquoise iris's. These eyes have special receptors in them that allows the Visual perception of Mana energy even through solid matter, but only up to a point. They have a chemical in their "Red blood cells" that takes the place of hemoglobin, turning the blood blue. This chemical holds excess Mana essentially extending their natural Mana system. They have a naturally atrophied Flexor Digitorum Superficialis.


Vadarians are a race of extremely magical beings. The god of light takes claim for creating them. He says their purpose in the universe is to teach magic to the other races of Pantheon.


I think they might be immortal, ask Light.

"HEY, they have souls, they die. They can make themselves ageless, but they die. "-Light-

The Vadarians normal lifespan without magical assistance is 80 years, assuming they have taken good care of themselves.


The Vadarian people follow Seven extremely powerful magi elders that call themselves the Rays of Light and lead the Vadarians down the path of good. There are a few rumored Vadarians that have supposedly been banished, having turned against the path of illumination and toward the path of darkness.

Known Cities